The Ab Slam Is A Great Medicine Ball Abs Exercise

This super cool medicine ball exercise not only hammers your abs, but is a full body ballistic movement that also allows you to get out some frustration after a hard day at the office!

First things first; make absolutely sure that the medicine ball you are using doesn’t bounce! If you use a medicine ball that does bounce, chances are it will bounce right back up and hit you in the face – or elsewhere. I don’t think you need to be told that wouldn’t feel good.

OK, now that’s out of the way, choose a medicine ball that doesn’t bounce and isn’t too heavy that it slows down your body and also isn’t too light that it doesn’t allow for any resistance.

For a 200 pound male, typically and 6-8 pound non-bouncing medicine ball works best.

Before you go absolutely nuts, do a few reps where you go at about 75% effort and speed to get used to the movement.

Once you’re warmed-up; it’s showtime!

It’s called an ab SLAM for a reason. It’s a slam and your entire body is involved. Your abs are trained almost by default of your entire body generating force and slamming the ball.

If you really are generating force, you’ll even find that your feet come off the ground – that’s great!

It’s not a drop. You are trying to put a hole in the ground. But please, don’t do this on a surface where you can actually put a hole into the ground!

Because this is an all-out effort, 6-8 reps per set is a good range. You certainly can do less, especially if you are really cranking. You don’t want to do too many reps as you’ll fatigue quickly and you don’t want your technique to break down.