Almond Butter Apple Slices | Marzia Prince

Ever had a snackcident? Wait, you’re not aware of the dreaded snackcident? That’s okay. A snackcident is just as it sounds: a snacking accident. Marzia Prince is here to the rescue with a simple and healthy apple cinnamon snack, sure to not be an accident.

So, it’s 3:00 pm, and you’re sitting at your desk, and your tummy starts to rumble. We’ve all had that. So what does one in this particular situation do? Reach for the closest, unhealthy bag of chips? Maybe your favorite cookies or candy? There’s no judgment here, but why not try something just a little healthier? This simple snacktastic recipe is sure to hit the spot and requires a measly four ingredients – an apple, hemp seeds, your favorite nut butter, and cinnamon. This recipe is as easy as slicing, spreading, and sprinkling – in that order. Grab that juicy apple and slice away. Grab that nut butter and spread away. Then grab your hemp seeds and cinnamon, and sprinkle away. These babies are sure to look delicious, and your eyes won’t lie in this case. These apple cinnamon slices are delectable. Your taste buds and your belly will thank you. Happy snacking!

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