Barbell Ab Roll Outs Make For A Hard Abs Workout

Are you looking for a hard workout that really targets your abs?

Well, no advanced ab routine is complete with the ab roll out, especially the old school barbell version.

Grab a standard barbell and place a 25 pound plate on each side, along with a clap to ensure the plates don’t move. Make sure you use plates with smooth edges that will roll straight once you move the barbell along the floor.

Kneel on a soft surface and hold the barbell approximately shoulder width apart.

Start by rolling the barbell as far away from the body as you can while maintaining a tight, straight torso. If your hips sag you’ve gone too far.

Once you are fully extended, or as far as your current ability allows you to go, press the barbell into the floor very hard while keeping your abs tight in order to return to the starting position.

One major mistake that is very common is to push your hips back when you are in the extended position instead of driving the barbell into the ground. By doing this, you essentially take the majority of the stimulus off of the abs and make the exercise much easier and less effective.

This is a very challenging exercise and one that requires a certain level of strength to even perform one rep.

It’s perfectly fine if you can just do a few reps when you begin.

Build up from whatever your starting level is. There’s no shame in that.

Don’t force poor quality reps and risk injury. Make sure you do not hold your breath and stop the exercise if you feel any discomfort.

If you can’t perform one rep, do 8-10 of the rollout portion of the rep only, resetting after each rollout. This will allow you to build strength over time.