Chase Savoie’s Top 5 Training Tips

This Is How He Plans To Win The Olympia

From Underdog to Contender: How Chase Savoie Plans to Win the 2016 Olympia!

Considering the improvements he has made since his Olympia debut in 2015 it appears Men’s Physique standout Chase Savoie’s next foray will be a case of second-time lucky. Following a discouraging O debut in 2015, Chase has been hard at work recapturing the form he displayed in early 2015 and further fleshing out his large frame en route to dominating the field at this year’s Olympia.

Q: This year’s New York Pro saw you in the best shape of your life. What further improvements do you hope to have made come Olympia day?

I was in great shape but a little on the flat side. Me and my coach need to make sure I’m fuller and with the assistance of posing coach Kenny Wallach I will also be bringing a whole new posing routine to wow the judges.

Q: What training techniques have you always implemented, in both the pre-contest and offseason periods? Why do you feel these techniques are so effective?

I always lift heavy whether it’s offseason or pre-contest. I also always mix up both heavy weight low reps and lighter weight with more squeezing for detail. You have to implement both techniques to target the fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers. That’s how I get the most out of my training.