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Paige Hathaway

It's a new week.. So let's KICK BUTT AND TAKE NAMES! Can I ask you something… When you wake up each morning, what is the passion that fuels you to start your day? If someone asked you "what drives you," what would your answer be? – Motivation is not something that can be given to you. Motivation must come from within. You have to want to be motivated and learn how to be motivated to successfully achieve your goals. You must focus on what you want to achieve, gather positive thoughts and ways to accomplish your goals, try to generate the feelings of accomplishment that you will experience when you reach your goals and go to sleep every night asking yourself "Did I do everything possible to reach my greatest potential today?" – Self MOTIVATION is curtal when achieving your goals but it is something that can be obtained by all of us. You must truly dig deep within yourself and you must want it. You must really want it. To the point where no matter what gets in your way you won't quit, you won't give up because your self motivated and you have one goal in mind. Your goals are never too big, it all just depends on how bad you really want it. SO, KICK BUTT AND TAKE NAMES! And as you go, cross of the check list of littler tasks to achieve the bigger picture, your main goal. You got this!! Lets go!!!

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