Is The Deadlift The Best Back Exercise… Or This One?

When planning which exercises are best for your back, one must not overlook the classic Bent Over Row.

Sure, we’ve all seen and done this great exercises, yet it’s easily one of the most butchered back exercises around.

Most people turn it into some kind of hybrid of a bad version of a shrug that hardly resembles a row. Typically, this is because they are trying to use too much weight.

Over time you can build up to stacking plate on top of plate for this exercise.

However, that’s not where you should start.

Even if you’re an advanced trainee and have been doing this for years, be sure to check your technique periodically to ensure your form is flawless.

First, make sure you have proper position and then you can perform the optimal technique.

How To Do A Bent Over Row

  • Bent over at the waist. Upper body parallel with the floor. Back flat and knees slightly bent.
  • Utilizing a grip shoulder width or slightly wider (this can be varied depending upon your goals), retract your shoulder blades and pull your elbows towards your hips. Your hands are simply hooks and the barbell will follow.
  • Perform a strong squeezing of the shoulder blades on each and every rep to really get that back muscle recruitment.
  • Be sure not to shrug your shoulders or be too upright in your stance. Also, avoid rounding your back.

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