Exercise Tips for Busy Moms

How to Start

Here are some exercise tips for busy moms;

  • Make a plan of light exercises that target almost all major muscles, including thighs, shins, back, chest, arms and core muscles
  • Always start with warm up and stretching exercises. In the beginning, perform only 15 minutes warm up exercises along with 10 minutes flexibility exercises to improve stamina and strength
  • Do not make hurry when performing exercises to reap maximum benefits of exercises, perform a couple of exercises with full range of motion and maximum effort instead
  • Use your environment or create a situation for exercise such as involving your kids in exercises. You can play with them by running after them or ask them to catch you. Reward them with something delicious to eat to keep them motivated and to develop an interest in playing with you
  • Perform a variety of exercises to stay motivate


I hope you liked the article. How you manage exercising with your busy schedule? Please share in the comments.

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