These Girls Are The Most Sizzling Female Fitness Models In The Industry

Holy Habanero! This Might Be Too Much Hotness For A Single Post

Amanda Bisk

This Aussie is what we refer to as Habanero Hot here at MusclePride. What started out as a career in pole vaulting with her sights set on the Olympics, she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. Before we knew it, she was a Yoga master and got a killer body. Oh lawd! Gotta admit it’s somewhat tiring to look at this crazy fit body.

About Marcos

What up dawg? Marcos here. I live for the iron. I do what I can to stay jacked and get bigger and better and I talk about all of it here. Maybe one day I'll be on the Mr. Olympia stage. If you share that dream you're in the right place. Walk proud bro.