These Girls Are The Most Sizzling Female Fitness Models In The Industry

Holy Habanero! This Might Be Too Much Hotness For A Single Post

Dianna Dahlgren

One of the most beautiful fitness models today, Dianna Dahlgreen has been around for quite some time. Her first gig was at the early age of 13 and she went on to compete at the age of 19 (winning the Phoenix Pro competition in 2011). She’s also been touring around with Supercross and has been featured on the covers of Muscle & Fitness Hers, FLEX and many others. Check her out on Instagram.

About Marcos

What up dawg? Marcos here. I live for the iron. I do what I can to stay jacked and get bigger and better and I talk about all of it here. Maybe one day I'll be on the Mr. Olympia stage. If you share that dream you're in the right place. Walk proud bro.