How to Build Giant Legs

Tips to Build Giant Legs

To build stronger and bigger muscles especially when building leg muscles, we need to be very careful and practical to prevent injuries and to reduce muscle soreness as well.

Here are some tips to build stronger and bigger legs more professionally;

  1. Always train larger muscles before you train smaller muscles, as it keeps you energetic until the last move of your leg exercise day. For example train quadriceps before training calf muscles
  2. After a proper warm-up, start with heavier lower body exercises before light exercises. For example, perform squats before lunges, as squats require more technique and power to perform
  3. Change angles slightly when exercising to increase the intensity or to make your exercise more effective
  4. If you are a beginner, then try to choose earlier days of the week to perform leg exercises or choose the days when you have more energy to perform more difficult and technical exercises
  5. Change the combinations of your exercises to exert stress or tension on your muscles with different angles and techniques. If you are performing squats and jump squats in a row, then change this combination by selecting jump squats with weighted lunges to make your workout more effective
  6. Perform at least 10-minute stretching exercises for lower body muscles especially after leg workouts

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