How to Build Giant Legs

For Beginners

Beginners need low to medium intensity exercises in the beginning of their muscle-building journey to improve their strength, stamina, and muscular ability through which they can accurately perform high-intensity exercises by lifting heavy weights with different & unique angles.

Here are some easy to perform exercises to strengthen and build stronger leg muscles;

Exercise Intensity Reps Sets
High knee march with knee hops Low to medium 8 3
Barbell squats with low weight Low to medium 8 to 10 2/3
Standing calf raise Low to medium 12 to 15 3
Seated calf raise Low to medium 12 to 15 3
Vertical jumps Low to medium 8 to 10 2
Squat with weighted lunges


Low to medium. Perform 5 squats and then 5 lunges in a row 10 3
Explosive jump squats with standard squats Low to medium * 3

Standing calf raise requires no exercising equipment, whereas seated calf raise is performed by using gym equipment.

Perform three explosive jump squats, then quickly perform two standard squats without any pause and then repeat the process to complete one set.

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