How to Get Fit Without Gym

Learning Home Based Exercises

The basic home based exercises are the best alternative of the gym. The easily approachable exercises can be performed anywhere and anytime you find some spare minutes for yourself. There is a huge variety of home-based exercises, but not all these exercises are suitable for each individual, as different people have different fitness level.

That’s why I have divided home based exercises into three different categories such as;
1. Beginners exercises
2. Intermediate exercises
3. Advanced exercises

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I am a focused and resourceful Fitness Trainer, Nutritionist, and Martial Artist with 6 years’ dedicated experience working in diverse fitness environments. Adept at counseling clients regarding body fat analysis, nutritional needs, proper use of fitness equipment and suitable form of exercises. Well-versed in conducting personal fitness workouts in accordance to individual client’s needs. CPR and First Aid certified.