How to Get Fit Without Gym

Exercises for Intermediate and Advanced

Home-based exercises for intermediate and advanced practitioners include almost similar exercises with different intensities of performing these exercises.
Here is a list of intermediate and advanced home-based exercises;
• Jumping jack with explosive high knee jump (full body exercise)
• Jump squats (lower body muscles)
• Wide handed pushups (chest, arms, and upper back)
• Triangle or diamond pushups (triceps)
• Burpees (full body exercise)
• High knee march with knee hops (lower body muscles and core muscles)
• Vertical jumps (shins and quadriceps)
• Sprint interval running (cardiorespiratory system, blood circulation system and fat burning full body exercise)
• Pull-ups and chin-ups
• Bar dips for chest and triceps
• Inclined pushups (these pushups are generally performed by resting your feet on a bench and your hands on the ground)
• Pike pushups with a wall
• Full length “L” raise on a high bar (Core)
• Knee circles on a high bar (Core)
• Crunches while holding a weight in your hands (Core)
• Side to side while sitting on your hips only with your knees bent while making a “V” shape of your thighs and torso (Core)


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