How To Get Shredded


TrainingTraining involves stretching out the muscle fibres and putting them back together to cause a small amount of damage. When you’re building muscle, those fibres are put back together to become bigger and stronger (assuming you’re consuming enough calories).

Whilst cutting however, you’re purposefully not giving your body the calories to build muscle. Instead, you give yourself just enough to put the muscle back together, but it won’t come back bigger or stronger.

Many people believe that performing higher reps helps to “tone” the muscle. Personal trainers put this myth to rest – It won’t do much to help you maintain your physique. Training in the offseason compared to leaning out shouldn’t change at all.

The only difference is that your strength gains may come to halt. The better you can maintain your strength in the heavy movements, the more muscle you’re going to save from being wasted away and the better you’re going to look!

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