How to Start Weight Training

How to do a Proper Warm Up

Warm up includes low to medium intensity exercises along with some stretching exercises. For beginners and intermediates, a 15-minutes warm up is sufficient to activate your muscles and joints to perform intense exercises. Start with easy to perform exercises with low intensity when warming up your body for strength training or weight training.

Here are some exercises with the right order to perform as a warm up routine;
• Brisk walk or jogging with low to medium pace (start walking for a minute or more and then jog for the next 2 minutes and end with sprint with all your effort)
• Do jumping jack (I usually do 50 to 70 jumping jacks), as it targets your whole body muscles and increases your heartbeat (blood flow rate)
• Arm and neck rotation in clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation
• High knee march for 30 seconds and high knee march with jumps/hops (do high knee march with rapid move while raising your knees quickly one after the other) for 15 seconds and then rest to recover your breath, then start it again to perform another set
• Bent over touching toes (20 to 30 seconds)
• Do brisk squats in two different sets/ perform jump squats if you are an advanced practitioner in weight training
• Side leg raise 10 reps for each leg (perform two sets)

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