Laurin Conlin Takes Us Through Her Upper/Lower Workout (+ Bonus)

Laurin Conlin is back and better than ever. She brings to us another workout routine that is sure to bring out some excellent definition and lean gains. A solid full-body workout, Laurin demonstrates her well of knowledge in fitness. She boasts an MS in exercise science, applying her academic knowledge to the real world each time she comes to visit us.

She’s done well for herself as a result, firmly establishing herself as an IFBB bikini professional.

And to top it all off, she has provided us today with some BONUS CONTENT. That’s right, we’ve got some goodies for everyone today as Laurin takes us through a posing routine that is sure to catch any sane judge’s eye, as well as anyone either dedicated to getting on that level themselves.

Follow along with Laurin for tons of content related to fitness, exercise, dieting, and literature recommendations relating to fitness. She really is a goldmine of knowledge.