Is Modern CREATINE The Best Creatine Supplement?

Folks are always looking for the best creatine supplement out there. After all, it’s considered a tried and true ingredient for those hitting the iron hard and consistently.

Of course, betaine has really jumped to the forefront as well these past few years and established itself as a major player in the supplement world.

Imagine if both could be combined into one product? That’s what we said!

Modern CREATINE boasts a super simple to use once per day serving size. There are no huge horse pills to choke down or stomach-bloating loading phases required.

Powered by three (3) grams of BioCRE – Ultra-Instantized Creatine Anhydrous and two point five (2.5) grams of Betaine Anhydrous per serving.

Modern CREATINE is available in 3 great flavor varieties – Lemon-Lime, Fruit Punch and Unflavored. Each bottle delivers a full thirty (30) day supply!

How are your resistance training workouts going? Are they going as well as you’d like?

Are you making enough progress? Are you getting out what you are putting in?

These are all questions one must asking themselves frequently. After all, taking a step back and truly analyzing your overall program is an important step towards making progress towards your goals.

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