Muscle Building Meals To Eat Before You Go To Sleep

Muscle Building Meals

Muscle Building Meals

Don’t fear the night time snack! A number of foods can help you build muscle and lose weight. Opt for the right night time snack for a stronger, leaner you.

Usually, those trying to lose weight skip the bedtime meal, although bodybuilders looking to build muscle trust in a bedtime snack to feed their muscles overnight.

Choosing the Right Snack

Choosing the right foods is important for keeping your body in an anabolic state and establishing the stage for ideal muscle growth and recovery during sleep. Your best choice for a bedtime snack is protein. There are snacks as Greek yogurt, whole wheat, peanut butter, cottage cheese that can maintain or improve your muscle mass.

Whey is one of the most common types found in protein supplements, but casein is typically considered to be the ideal to eat before bed. It’s released from the stomach and absorbed into the blood less quickly than whey, which makes it perfect for prolonged anabolism during overnight sleep.

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