Pre/Intra/Post Workout Supplementation Guide

Join BPI Sports athlete Tyrone as he works out in sunny Fort Lauderdale and discusses the importance of taking supplements around your workouts. According to Tyrone, whether you’re just a beginner in the world of fitness or have been working out regularly for years, there are advantages to taking pre-workout supplements, intra-workout supplement and post workout supplements.

A pre-workout will allow you to train with more intensity, take advantage of that lactic buffer effect it provides, and give you the focus you need to keep going. A quality pre-workout supplement is also going to create more of a stimulus for your goals.

As far as intra workout supplements go, Tyrone doesn’t work out unless he has BCAAs on hand. Your body will require to pull on amino acids for fuel and if you don’t have them easily accessible, your body will take it from your own lean muscles which defies the purpose of the gym. For Tyrone, Best BCAAs is his lean muscle protection.

Post workout is also a critical time, so when he’s done training, Tyrone drops quality protein for recovery that the body can readily uptake. When your body’s triggering protein synthesis, you want need protein powder like Bpi Sports Best Protein™.

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