ReCharge! During Or After Your Training To Replenish Muscle Glycogen

Take ReCharge! during or after your training to replenish muscle glycogen. ReCharge!ª accelerates muscular hydration and volume expansion, plus kick-starts recovery.

ReFUEL = ReCharge! contains Karbolyn¨, a designer carbohydrate source that is rapidly absorbed, yet sustains elevations in blood sugar like slowly digested starches.

Karbolyn¨ quickly replenishes muscle glycogen, stored energy that is used during intense exercise, allowing your muscles to recover even faster.

ReHYDRATE = ReCharge! includes Hydromax¨ Glycerol, to increase the fluid in your muscles and blood, creating fuller, more hydrated muscles. Glycerol easily enters the bloodstream and muscle tissue, pulling water along with it to reduce the effect of fatigue inducing metabolites from muscle breakdown or energy production; and aids in the exchange of nutrients and waste products.

ReCOVER = ReCharge! contains 3.5g of fermented L-leucine, the effective amount suggested in studies to activate the mTOR pathway, which signals muscle growth. Fermented amino acids are very pure, and made in a sterile lab environment using no animal products. L-leucine is one of the most in demand amino acids during muscle repair and recovery.

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