Shoulder Workout with Dallas McCarver

Episode 5 of BSN‘s Insider Training Series features Dallas McCarver‘s Shoulders Routine.

This 5-exercise workout hits front, rear and side delts with specialized exercises to target each section of the shoulder. Dallas offers a unique IFBB Pro perspective on each exercise that you can apply to push your own performance and build boulder shoulders.

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Shoulder Exercises In This Video

  • Seated Smith Machine Military Press
  • Front Barbell Lateral Raise
  • Rear Delt Reverse Pec Deck
  • Bent Over Dumbbell Fly
  • Side Lateral Raise

About Dallas McCarver

Dallas McCarver started weight training in high school as part of his football team’s strength and conditioning program. He went on to play college football at Bethel University, but eventually decided to give up playing football in order to pursue bodybuilding full-time.

He stepped onstage for the first time at age 20 at the 2011 NPC Hub City Fitness Quest, winning the junior heavyweight and junior overall trophies. Next came the 2011 NPC Battle at the River, where he won the super heavyweight and overall classes.

His third competition was the 2012 IFBB North American Championships, where he once again was named the super heavyweight and overall champion, becoming the youngest ever overall champion at a national show.

The win also earned him his IFBB pro card, making him the youngest professional bodybuilder in the world. With so much potential at such a young age, the sky’s the limit for what Dallas can achieve in the sport of bodybuilding.

About BSN

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