Star Lunges An Awesome Exercise To Work Your Legs

Whether you are short on time or just looking for an awesome exercise to work your legs, look no further than Star Lunges.

This little-used lower body exercise combines three different lunge variations – front, side (or lateral) and rear – into one movement to ensure that your glutes, quads and hamstrings are all stimulated.

The best way to perform this exercise is to first do it without and weight and then add weight in the form of dumbbells at your side or a barbell across your back.

Begin standing straight with your feet together.

With your right foot step forward, landing softy and then lunge down and slightly forward. Be absolutely sure that your bodyweight is spread evenly over your foot and don’t allow the heel of your right foot to come off of the ground. This is important for two reasons –

  1. Keeping your heel on the ground helps prevent unnecessary strain on the knee
  2. You’ll need that heel to return to the starting position

Now, once you’re in the bottom position, press your heel into the ground and drive your body back to the starting position. This is where most get it wrong. Let the legs do the work.

Now, repeat for a side lateral lunge and then a rear lunge. The right foot will be the moving foot throughout. That is one rep!

Repeat for the number of reps you are shooting for and then for the left leg. If your technique breaks down, stop immediately.